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About the British Centre

The British Centre offers specialised services in English language teaching and learning support, language exams and international certificates. The British Centre library, although a part of the university library, is open to general public as well. One of its objectives is to provide English language teaching and learning materials corresponding with all language levels. All the library stock can be found in the  catalogue.


Palacký University Library–British Centre
Biskupské nám. 1
779 00 Olomouc
GPS: N 49°59.59616', E 17°26.01220'
Telephone: 585 631 874

Opening Hours

Monday       Closed 
Tuesday      10:00–17:00
Wednesday 10:00–17:00
Thursday 12:00–17:00
Friday  10:00–15:00
Sunday        Closed

SATURDAY 22 JUNE (Palacký University Library is closed)


Thursdays 5 and 12 September: open only 12:00–15:00
Saturdays  7. and 14 September: CLOSED


Mgr. Zuzana Hanelová
585 631 877
  Mgr. Marcela Koupilová 585 631 874
  Mgr. Pavlína Ullmannová 585 631 873 

Membership and Fees


The Library is open to the general public. Anyone can become a library member at any time of the year. There are no professional or age limitations. You will need only an identity document (e.g. passport) and 400,– CZK to pay the annual membership fee. If you are a student/employee of Palacký University, you will get your membership in our Centre for free (see the fee list below).

A passport and a one passport size photo are needed in order to issue a membership card. We are sorry we do not accept credit cards.

Fees for Services

Registration fee for public
(membership for 12 months, no further fees for lending materials)
400.- CZK
Registration fee for Palacký University students and employees Free
Registration fee for holders of UP alumni card
(membership for 12 months, no further fees for lending materials)
100,- CZK
Photocopying, A4 format 1.20 CZK
Printouts 1.20 CZK

Advanced English Courses

The aim of the English courses at BC KUP is primarily to prepare their participants for the certified Cambridge English international exams, but our courses are also suitable for those interested in "just" developing and improving their current level of English. 
Unfortunately, all English courses (both full-year and 1-semester) in 2023/24 are currently full.
For more detailed information, see the general overview of our English courses below.

Course fee of 2-semester courses is generally 7,200,- CZK,  however, for Proficiency level it is 7 350,- CZK. A 5% discount is applied to the price for students/employees/alumni of Palacký University (6,840,- CZK/ 6980,- CZK for the CPE course). 
It includes: 32 ninety-minute lessons in a period from October 2023 to May (alternatively June) 2024; a textbook; pre-test – preferably in March, 2024 but you can choose a different term from the offer. To take part in the pre-test you have to make an additional registration (for free); 50% discount on a BC KUP membership.

Course fee of 1-semester courses is 4,000,- CZK. A 5% discount is applied to the price for students/employees/alumni of Palacký University (3,800,- CZK). 
It includes: 16 ninety-minute lessons during the period from October 2023 to January/February 2024; a textbook; pre-test – preferably in January 2024 but you can choose a different pretest date from the offer. To take part in the pre-test you have to make an additional registration (for free); 50% discount on a BC KUP membership.
OUR SPECIAL OFFER: The CAE course on Thursday includes 120-min lessons instead of 90-min ones. In spite of this increased teaching time the course isn't more expensive.

Course fee of our Saturday courses (preparation for C1 Advanced) is 3,300,- CZK. A 5% discount is applied to the price for students/employees/alumni of Palacký University (3,135,- CZK).
It includes: 7 x 120-minute lesson (from the end-of-Sept/start-of-Oct  to January/February and from February to May/June; a textbook; pre-test – preferably January for Fall semester and May for spring semester, but you can choose any other pretest date from the offer; to take part in the pre-test you have to make an additional registration (for free); 50% discount on a BC KUP membership.  Participation in the course doesn't mean that you don't have any free Saturday from October to January of from February to May/June :-) - the course lessons are taught approx. every second Saturday (according to the schedule given in advance). The course is intended for students who are heading for the C1 Advanced exam closely after the course ends and need to practice the CAE test format and strategies. This kind of course is appreciated mainly by students who are busy during the work days as well as students living outside of Olomouc, often in villages and towns situated in other regions.  

The fee can be paid only via bank transfer to the bank account no.19-1096330227/0100, VS = 999616011. Send then confirmation of the bank transfer to, please.

Cambridge Exams

As a partner of the British Council we organize the Cambridge English Exams, the world's best-known qualifications for learners of English. The exams cover all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and assess the candidates' ability to use a variety of structures and functions in authentic situations.

Enter The British Council registration system  through the link below and check there all Cambridge English Exams days in our Centre. You are supposed to choose Olomouc in the filter. For now, you can find dates up to December 2023 there.


Parent/legal guardian's consent with the test day photo for exam taker under 18 years of age

List of useful textbooks and tests


The particular levels of the most frequent Cambridge Exams can be found here. A summary of the 2015 changes to the Cambridge English exams First and Advanced can be found here.

Applications and Certificates

For all exams you can register online here.

For institutions we offer the possibility of bulk registrations here. To get access to this portal you need to send an email request to, inluding your company details (invoice details), contact name and contact email address.

Online registration guide for institutions

Parent/Legal Guardian´s consent with the test day photo for CESOL exam taker under 15 years of age

Computer-Based Exams

Cambridge Exams PET, FCE, CAE and CPE are now available to be taken as a computer-based test. Other than the method of completing them, the exams are exactly the same, and they both lead to the same internationally recognised Cambridge ESOL certificate.

Get familiar with a computer-based test

Extended Certification

The ‘Extended Certification’ will give candidates additional credit for the language skills they have demonstrated and a clearer picture of how results relate to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). A candidate who performs particularly well in the exams can get credit at a higher level on the CEFR. For example, candidates who get grade A in ‘Cambridge English: First‘ receive a ‘FCE’ certificate indicating that they are at C1 level (instead of B2). Candidates can also receive credit for their English language skills, even if they do not achieve a passing grade. So a candidate who does not get enough marks for a grade C in ‘Cambridge English: Advanced‘ can still be awarded a certificate showing performance at level B2 if they show this level of ability in the exam.

Pretests (Mock Tests)

The pre-test (i.e. a simulation of the internationally recognized Cambridge English Exams) corresponds by its form, organization, and timetable with a real paper based Cambridge Exam. We are able to simulate more less also the computer-based form and we recommend it for those who are interested in a computer-based form of exam in future.
The pretest makes its participants familiarized with the exam format and time and possible stress. Additionally, results available within 2 weeks after the pretest provide an important feed-back discovering prospective weaknesses. Focus on them specifically before taking the Cambridge Exam increases the chance to pass it. The closest pretest day in the British Centre is Saturday 9 September 2023, deadline for registrations:  20 August 2023.


The British Centre and children

In the British Centre we strive to keep a rich library stock of attractive English books for children and young readers, from the very young age to young adults. You can find various picture books and picture dictionaries, lift-the-flap books, graded readers (often with audio as well), magazines, the most popular children books published by renowed publishing houses (Bloomsbury, Usborne etc.) up to mangas, comics and fantasy books here.

Reader Account (prolongation of borrowed books)

Prolong the basic period for which your books have been borrowed simply and comfortably via your BC KUP reader account.

It is either
your e-mail address used for BC KUP registration (i.e. other than of Palacký University)
your BC reader number. It is created simply by adding letters BC before your UP Library reader number (sent in all Palacký University Library notification e-mails). 
E.g. if your UP Library number is B0000001234, your BC reader number is BCB0000001234.

IMPORTANT: Registered UP alumni have to use their BC reader number as their user name. 

When you register in BC, your first name with a minor initial letter (instead of a capital one) without any diacritic marks is set up as your password (e.g. gunter instead of Günter).


The catalogue of the British Centre Library offers a unique collection of literature suitable for all individuals interested in improving English language and in English studying and/or teaching.

What We Offer

  • course-books at all levels
  • language courses on DVD
  • fiction, readers, and talking books
  • feature films
  • songs and music on CDs, multimedia CD-ROMs
  • Business English on all levels
  • English for Special Purposes
  • British Studies
  • British magazines
  • materials for Cambridge Exams
  • materials for TOEFL Exams
  • methodology books
  • literature for English language teaching
  • language tests on all levels with keys

Language Levels

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Proficiency


If you have any suggestions or proposals, please contact us.

British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Established in 1934, British Council has offices in more than 100 countries worldwide. The British Council runs programmes in the arts, science, sport, governance and English language to increase appreciation of the UK's creative ideas and achievements and build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries.

The British Council projects for ELT teachers and students include LearnEnglish, Teaching English or LearnEnglish Mobile.

The British Council also supports the British Centre in book ordering and provision of periodicals.

More information on current projects

Partner Libraries

The British Council cooperates with ten regional partner libraries. The libraries have different status and standards regarding membership.

The list of partner libraries


In the Library, you will find the latest ELTL materials thanks to co-operation with representatives of British publishers focused on English Language Teaching and Learning. We also have available British publishers’ catalogues and price lists for reference.

The list of publishers (with contacts)

Useful Links

British Council - Information on projects and services of our main partner

Language School UPLIFT - Language School of the Faculty od Arts, Palacký University

Cambridge English - Information on Cambridge Exams

English in Britain - Accredited courses in UK

Education UK - British education online

Flo-Joe - Preparation to FCE and CAE

IELTS - Preparation to IELTS

TeachingEnglish - A platform designed for English teachers

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