Faculty of Physical Culture

The stock of the Library of Faculty of Physical Culture is focused on study programs for physical education and sport, sports coaching and sport, adapted physical education, physical therapy, recreology and protection of the population. The employees offer personal consultations on electronic information resources. The library provides 52 study spaces, 18 computers, a scanner and a copy machine.

Contact details

Library of the Faculty of Physical Culture
třída Míru 117
771 11 Olomouc
GPS: N 49°35.66718', E 17°12.80843'
Telefon: 585 636 052, 050
Email: kftk@upol.cz

Opening hours

Monday9 - 16
Tuesday9 - 18
Wednesday9 - 16
Thursday9 - 18
Friday9 - 14

Changes of the opening hours


ManagerBc. Marie Lipusová585 636 052marie.lipusova@upol.cz
Anna Šindelářová585 636 051anna.sindelarova@upol.cz
Mgr. Ludmila Suchánková585 636 050ludmila.suchankova@upol.cz

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Faculty of Physical Culture

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