Palacky University Library
Biskupské nám. 1
779 00 Olomouc
GPS: 49°35'44"N, 17°15'36"E
Telephone: 585 631 721
Email: kup@upol.cz


Library manager
Mgr. Helena Sedláčková
585 631 702
731 632 389
Manager's assistant
Yvona Kouřilová
585 631 721


Deputy manager
Bc. Marie Lipusová
585 636 052


               System librarian
Ing. Ivo Rožnovský
585 631 715
604 338 780
  Assistant librarian
Jiří Sedláček
737 274 189
585 631 716


Acquisition Department

  • Acquiring of documents for all departments of university
  • Searching for bibliographic data
  • Creating pre-order calculations
  • Enforcement of undelivered documents


Palacky University Library in Olomouc
771 11 Olomouc, Biskupské náměstí 1
2nd floor


Mgr. Antonín Pokorný, DiS.

585 631 720


Book acquisition Jana Výmolová 585 631 734


  Bc. Michaela Dadáková 585 631 733


Periodicals acquisition Mgr. Petra Rosípalová 585 631 741


  Bc. Petra Frysová 585 631 742


Bibliographical information services

  • Provide our readers with guidance and reference with regard to bibliographical information services,
  • process research and bibliographies for graduate students and academic staff,
  • monitor electronic information resources and inform the user about news in this field (the service is called "E-news"),
  • provide access to electronic information resources with a single licence (online versions of selected journals subscribed to by our library),
  • provide interlibrary loan services,
  • coordinate information education activities and lectures,
  • support for publishing – Open Access issues and administration open access publishing in selected publishers under transformation agreements (Read & Publish)
  • manage projects with the library participation.

BIS Department


Central library of Palacky University ("Armoury")
Biskupské náměstí 1, 771 11 Olomouc
ground floor, door number 159



Mgr. Kristina Mikešová

585 631 722


  Mgr. Michaela Pastorová 585 631 739


  Bc. Hana Pechová 585 631 744


ILL Department

More details on ILL services


Palacky University Library in Olomouc
771 11 Olomouc, Biskupské náměstí 1
ground floor, door no. 162

Staff Mgr. Michaela Mališková 585 631 731 michaela.maliskova@upol.cz
  Mgr. Klára Adámková 585 631 889


The Department of Information Education

The Department of Information Education offers teachers and academic staff training within which students learn to work with electronic information resources and after which they will be more efficient in searching documents for their work. The content of the training and its scope can be arranged.


Central library of Palacky University ("Armoury")
Biskupské náměstí 1, 771 11 Olomouc
ground floor, door number 155

Staff Mgr. Radek Petřík

585 631 743


Open Science Consulting

More information on the issues and services offered can be found on the separate Open Science website.


Central library of Palacky University ("Armoury")
Biskupské náměstí 1, 771 11 Olomouc
ground floor, door number 159

Staff Mgr. Radomir Sztwiertnia 585 631 729 radomir.sztwiertnia@upol.cz


Cataloguing Department

  • Cataloguing Books
  • Cataloguing special documents (audio, audiovisual, cartographic and electronic documents, music)
  • Creation of author and subject authorities
  • Cooperation with the Czech National Library (SKC, Czech National Database of Authorities)


Palacky University Library in Olomouc
Biskupské náměstí 1
771 11 Olomouc
2nd floor, doors 353, 354 and 355


Manager, Editor of name catalogue
Mgr. et Mgr. Simona Uherková
585 631 746 simona.uherkova@upol.cz
Deputy Manager Jiří Škrobák, DiS. 585 631 850


Subject catalogue editor Mgr. Helena Andrýsková 585 631 736 helena.andryskova@upol.cz
Cataloguing staff Mgr. Zdeňka Krůželová 585 631 738 zdenka.kruzelova@upol.cz 
  Mgr. Věra Šimůnková 585 631 737


  Mgr. Lenka Trojanová 585 631 745


  Irena Janouchová 585 631 735 irena.janouchova@upol.cz

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