Department of Information Education

Basic information


Central Library (Theresian Armoury)
771 11 Olomouc, Biskupské náměstí 1
ground floor, door no. 159

StaffMgr. Bc. Barbora Malínek Číhalová

585 631 743

The Department of Information Education offers teachers and academic staff training within which students learn to work with electronic information resources and after which they will be more efficient in searching documents for their work. The content of the training and its scope can be arranged.

Topics for training:

How to find information

Preparation before the actual search and information retrieval strategies, keyword selection, proximity operators, truncation, wild cards, refining searches, and pitfalls of internet searches.

Electronic information resources I. Library catalogues

Library systems, catalogues, catalogue of Palacky University, catalogue of the Research Library, new generation catalogues, union catalogues, Czech National Bibliography, card catalogues – function and work with catalogues, registration options, and superstructure services.

Electronic information resources II. Freely accessible internet sources

Internet, freely available resources for professional work, the invisible web, semantic searches, Web archives.

Electronic information resources III. – Licensed databases

database typology, the possibility of working with databases – basic and advanced searches, thesaurus, upgrade options – alerts, sharing, export, storage, obtaining the full text of an article, e-books at Palacky University.

Digital libraries, repositories and problems of Open Access

Grey literature and digital repositories, digital libraries, Open Access, patents, standards and company literature.

Counter, citation analysis, citation software

Quotation, citation analysis, EndNote Web, Zotero or Citation PRO citation software, copyright issues, ethics and plagiarism, Creative Commons licences.


Formal and content pages of scientific text, understanding the process of reviewing management and performance evaluation of science in the Czech Republic, the orientation of instruments for the promotion of scientific achievements.