The Armoury - the Central Library si located at the heart of the Palacký University in Olomouc, it provides all sorts of library services, 280 000 documents on all topics, large study space and additional services. There are hundreds of study places and up-to-date environment in the historical building, which also hosts specialized departments centralized for the whole Palacký University Library. The Armoury is also a favourite meeting place, place for study teams, exhibitions, reading events and other events hold by the library. The employees offer personal consultations on electronic information resources. There is a night reading room opened continuously.

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Contact Details

The Library of Palacký University in Olomouc
Biskupské nám. 1
771 11 Olomouc
1st. Floor
GPS: 49°35'44"N, 17°15'36"E
Phone: 585 631 749, 750

Opening hours

Normal operationNight study room
Monday8 - 22All day
Tuesday8 - 22All day
Wednesday8 - 22All day
Thursday8 - 22All day
Friday8 - 19All day
Saturday9 - 16 (stocking rooms non-operational)All day
SundayClosedAll day

Enter and exit from the space of night study room is every hour (+/-10 minutes). Only from the side of the porter's lodge - Biskupské náměstí 1. It is necessary to prove with card ISIC.

Changes to opening hours

Night study room open nonstop.

April19. - 22. 4.Closed
May1. 5.Closed
8. 5.Closed
17. 5.8-22
June17. - 28. 6.8-18
29. 6.Closed
July1. 7. - 19. 7.Closed (returning books at the reception 8-15)
22. 7. - 31. 7.MON, THU, FRI: 9-15; TUE, WED: 9-19
Saturdays closed
August1. 8. - 31. 8.MON, THU, FRI: 9-15; TUE, WED: 9-19
Saturdays closed
September2. 9. - 13. 9.8-19
7. 9. - 8. 9.9-16 (European Heritage Days)
Saturdays closed (except European Heritage Days)
October28. 10.Closed
December19. 12. - 20. 12.THU: 8-19; FRI: 8-15
21. 12. - 1. 1. 2020Closed

The Loans and Preservation Department



Mgr. Vladimír Klásek

585 631 863

The Loans Department

Shift manager

Mgr. Lenka Bobáčková

585 631

Shift manager

Mgr. Anna Pajerská

585 631
Mgr. Petra Absolonová585 631
Mgr. Marek Boháč585 631
Mgr. Lenka Hanáková585 631
Michal Henzl585 631
Bc. Barbora Cholastová585 631
Bc. Petr Jurečka585 631
Linda Kollárová585 631
Mgr. Kamila Kotková585 631
Jana Kovářová585 631
Milena Matuchová585 631
Mgr. Jana Nemčoková585 631

The Preservation Department

 Marie Doleželová

585 631 739

Mgr. Jiří Obdržálek

585 631 753

Michal Blažek

585 631 753
Bc. Marie Skopalová, DiS.585 631 730

Mgr. Tamara Stránská585 631 730

The Loans Department

1st. floor of the Armoury, wheelchair accessible

Plan of the library

Plan of types of books


All library information services are provided in eight halls, with a free selection of books. There are 450 study places and in the journal reading room computers with Internet access available to our users.

To lend

  • Headphones
  • Chargers for mobile phones
  • Flash drives


  • Cabinets to leave laptops (at the loans desk)
  • Plastic comb binder (in the journal reading room)
  • Paper guillotine (in the journal reading room)
  • Microwave and kettles (in the corridor between halls 4 and 5, also on the premises of the night study room)
  • Two clubhouses Slytherin and Gryffindor
  • Children's play area
  • Sitting bags
  • Earplugs (in the hallways near the clubhouses)


Tours for the professional and general public. The participants are familiarised with orientation in the library and its services. Tours are free of charge. Order in advance at tel. 585 631 750 or

Lost and Found

Palacky University Library publishes a list of the things forgotten in the Armoury.

The list of forgotten things

The History of the building of the Theresian Armoury

The professional department and the loan services of Palacky University Library are housed in the historic building of the former Theresian Armoury for artillery, which is part of the immovable cultural heritage.