Books into the night reading room

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Palacky University Library in Olomouc started to lend books for in-library reading into the night reading room from 1st November 2017.

Readers can borrow books one hour before the library closes. It is necessary to return the books the next day to 9:00 AM. Readers can borrow maximum 15 books. A category readers can borrow maximum 25 books if they do not have any other borrowed books. If readers have already had some books borrowed, the number of their books for overnight reading will be restricted according to the limit in the rules before.

The books for overnight use have to be returned into the special box situated in the night reading room.

In case of late return you will be fined 50 CZK for each individual book per each next hour.

Night reading room si located in the Central library (Armoury).