More hearts for Václav Havel

friday 5. october 2018, 14:19 – Text: KK

For five years, the castle cellars in Litomyšl are decorated with a heart for Václav Havel. His authors are the artists Lukáš Gavlovský and Roman Švejda, Smetana's company Litomyšl, who is responsible for the heart in Litomyšl, and architect Josef Pleskot want to expand the exhibition space.

The event is called More Heart for Václav Havel. Its aim is to embody the basement of the mirror so that the heart is reflected all around. From hundreds of mirrors they want to assemble a crystal to reinforce the idea of Václav Havel.

If you would like to participate in this project, you can submit the mirror to our library. The collection will take place at the Main Library building-Armory in the opening hours. You have time until October 20th. Then we send the collection to Litomysl :-)

For more information about this project visit and facebook Srdce pro Václava Havla.