Palacký University Library Open Again

friday 22. may 2020, 12:40

Thanks to relaxing of coronavirus restrictions it is possible to open all the Library halls so that readers can not only borrow books but study, work on computers or copy here, as well. For book services, the loan desk on the 1st floor will be available. It is here that readers will be enabled to pick up their books they made a reservation for by email (this service remains available, as well). The “Library Window” in the Armoury courtyard will be closed down. If you need to return your books quickly, you can use bookdrops (in the Armoury, please).

For hygiene reasons (namely regular cleaning and disinfection of the Library interior), Zmijozel and Nebelvír clubrooms, a part of the magazine study and the night study, as well, remain closed.

Borrowing books from faculty libraries which remain closed will still be provided for. Faculty of Law Library has been open since 25 May, Mo–Fri 9am till 15pm.

Borrowing reference books for 14 days has been cancelled. These books are now available for study in the Library only.

Rules for visitors of Palacký University Library (Armoury) valid since 25 May 2020 (in accordance with the instructions of Ministry of Public Health) are as follows:

Disinfection of hands at the entrance

Signing a Declaration of Not Being Infectious

While staying in the Library, everyone is obliged to wear either a mask or a face shield

Keeping the 2–metre social distance

No forming of big groups of visitors

No food allowed on the Armoury 1st floor

Toilets on the groundfloor will be closed for visitors.

Toilets on the 1st floor will be provided with antibacterial soap. They will be cleaned and disinfected at least three times a day.

Computer keyboards and mice will be disinfected every hour.

Surface of tables, desks, chairs, handles, railings, buttons etc. will be disinfected regularly.